"Serving Boston’s Families Since 1851"


From its humble beginnings on May 24, 1851, when 215 original members incorporated the Catholic Cemetery Society in Dorchester, the Association is still performing the task it was mandated to do – provide a final resting place for our departed and beloved dead. Started in one small Cemetery in Dorchester, the Association now maintains four non-sectarian cemeteries in Boston.

We are a member of The Massachusetts and The New England Cemetery Associations


If our offices are closed you can utilize our email at info@bcca.comcastbiz.net or by visiting our website
Maps, grave locations and other important information can be found on the website via computer or smartphone.

Our 2 cemetery offices, Mt. Benedict and Mt. Calvary are open to the public. Mt. Calvary 8:30am to 3:00pm and Mt. Benedict from 8:30am to 3:00pm.

The cemetery grounds are open for visitation as listed below:

Mount Benedict gates: 7:30am to 4:00pm.

Mount Calvary – New Calvary gates: 7:30am to 4:00pm.

St. Mary’s – is closed. For visitation please call the Mt. Calvary office 48 hours before you wish to visit.

Website address:   www.BostonCemetery.org

Email address: info@bcca.comcastbiz.net

Grave lookup link:  https://search.bostoncemetery.com/

Maps:    http://www.bostoncemetery.com/maps/


 Funeral Protocols:

All funeral processions will be greeted at the main entrance of the cemetery where the service is scheduled.

A cemetery staff member will be there to greet you, collect paperwork and coordinate the process.  If assistance is needed at the graveside our staff will remain in the area should there be a need of their service.

We request that the service attendees maintain a 15 foot distance from the grave while our staff prepares the graveside for the service.

We want to make the graveside service as normal as possible. We thank you for your help in advance.

When our staff has completed their work families will be able to visit the grave as normal.

As health officials have indicated, one way to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus is through limiting public gatherings. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or are feeling unwell, please stay home. This will not only speed your recovery but prevent spreading the illness and protect those in high-risk groups.

 If you are experiencing a cough, fever, or shortness of breath, we encourage you to not attend funeral services or to visit our cemeteries.

Please know that we are here to work with our families and funeral directors to make the process as normal as possible. Our sympathies are with those that have not only lost a loved one but must endure the demands placed on us all by the current health crisis.

News & Events


Stay updated with the latest News and Events from Boston Catholic Cemetery Association.

Notice: Requirements for all interments in our cemeteries.

In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws 114 § 45, you must present a Burial Permit for the interment of remains on or before the day of service.

Signed Interment, Original Cremation Certificate (if applicable) and Payment are all due on the day of service.

Check or Money Order made payable: Boston Catholic Cemetery Association.


Mount Benedict Cemetery Grave prices start at $2,700 (As of 3/1/23)

New Calvary Cemetery Grave prices start at $1,500 (As of 3/1/23)

Columbarium urn spaces are available at New Calvary and Mount Benedict Cemeteries.

New Calvary $1,800 and Mount Benedict $2,300 

(Includes Niche purchase, First Opening and First Inscription)


Package Pricing Available at Mt. Benedict and New Calvary Cemeteries.

Package Prices include: .

(Weekdays only – At Need services only – No Financing)


Mt. Benedict Package Price – $5,200  (As of 3/1/23)

(Section 14 Only – Burial for 2 – Upright Monument)


New Calvary – Package Price $4,200

(Section 25 Only – Burial for 2 – Upright Monument)

New Calvary – Package Price $3,500

(Section 22 Only – Burial for 1 – Flat Marker)


Perpetual Care is included in the purchase price of all graves.


Indigent Burial Space Available

at Mt. Benedict Cemetery

(Proper documentation required)

Contact & Directions

Mount Calvary

Main Office

(Monday – Friday 8:30am – 3:00pm)

366 Cummins Highway
Roslindale, Massachusetts 02131
Phone: 617-325-6830
Fax: 617-325-0883

New Calvary Cemetery 617-296-2339
Mount Benedict Cemetery 617-323-8389